2 = entrance, foyer, doorway, gateway, entranceway.
Ex. Diagrammatic presentation of the layout of the collection conveniently placed, for example, near the entrance.
Ex. The new library covers 4,700 square metres and shares a foyer with the art gallery.
Ex. Heads started appearing in the doorway, muttering, 'Oh! So this is the library'.
Ex. One of the roles of the local library is to act as a gateway to other information sources.
Ex. The areas surveyed included the circulation and reference areas, the book stacks, the computer terminals, the newspaper reading room, the benches outside of the entranceway, and all other public seating areas.
* entrada de artistas = stage door.
* entrada de lectores = public entrance.
* entrada para automóviles = driveway.
* entrada para coches = driveway.
* entrada principal = front entrance, main entrance.
* esterilla de entrada = doormat.
* esterilla de la entrada de la casa = welcome mat.

Spanish-English dictionary. 2013.

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